Cooking Spray Oil Shelf Stability Testing

A six-month shelf stability and sensory study of spray oils compared high oleic soybean oil against commercially available high oleic canola and sunflower oils as well as palm olein and partially hydrogenated oils.

High oleic soybean oil performed as well as or better than other high oleic oils in a spray oil evaluation.

crackersSpray oils were applied to fresh baked crackers (11% of total mass), and the crackers were evaluated monthly by a trained oil sensory panel on various attributes, including flavor, crispness and overall appearance. The analysis also evaluated the oxidative stability of the spray oils on crackers.

The results indicated that the crackers sprayed with high oleic soybean oil became stale prior to detection of oil rancidity, while noticeable rancid notes developed in palm olein, partially hydrogenated oil, mid oleic sunflower oil and high oleic canola oil-treated crackers.

High oleic soybean oil meets the functionality and economic needs for baking crackers and cookies, and is an ideal replacement for a variety of applications.

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