High Oleic Soybean Oil

High oleic soybean oil is the latest innovation from the U.S. Soy industry, which invests in research to develop soybean varieties that offer improved functional and nutritional characteristics for both oil and protein.

U.S. grown high oleic soybean oil extends products’ shelf life, offers among the longest fry life of any edible oil, features an improved fat profile and provides a neutral flavor allowing the food to be the star of the show.

Food Industry

Improve Your Frying Oil With High Oleic Soybean Oil

Foodservice operators will appreciate high oleic soybean oil’s superior performance.

Enhanced functionality: Provides improved resistance to oxidation and reduced build-up of polymers on foodservice equipment in high-heat applications, leading to less equipment maintenance and lower operating costs. High oleic soybean oil blends are also available for a customized functional solution tailored to product needs.

Extended fry life: Performs longer than standard vegetable oils in high-temperature and extended-use applications because of the heat and oxidative stability of the oil. The oxidative stability index (OSI) of high oleic soybean oil is greater than 25 hours, which translates to cost savings for foodservice operations.

Food manufacturers will benefit from increased functionality.

Improved shelf life: Provides superior resistance to oxidation, which extends shelf life for packaged products and fresh baked goods.

Desired neutral flavor: Features a neutral flavor profile, allowing the true and natural flavors of ingredients to stand out.

Clean label: Offers food manufacturers a U.S. grown, sustainable ingredient that shoppers desire – and qualifying products can be labeled as “U.S. grown” and “heart healthy.” It also offers food manufacturers the ability to remove natural and synthetic antioxidants that are often added to edible oils used in food applications to control oxidation and extend product shelf life. While these food-grade chemicals have been used successfully and safely for years, the use of high oleic soybean oil eliminates the need for such additives.

Heart Healthy
All will value the better-for-you benefits.

Improved fat profile: High oleic soybean oil contains lower saturated fat and three times the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, compared to many conventional vegetable oils, which benefit heart health when consumed in moderation.

Heart healthy: The FDA authorized the use of a qualified health claim for oils high in oleic acid, including high oleic soybean oil, and their relationship to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease when replacing oils higher in saturated fats. The claim can be added to the labels of qualifying high oleic soybean oil-containing products.

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U.S. Grown &

High oleic soy’s dependable domestic production and efficient supply chain meet the economic and sustainability needs of the food industry. The geographic diversity of U.S. grown high oleic soybeans across the country helps guarantee a reliable supply of high oleic soybean oil and competitive pricing for food companies.

Sustainable U.S. Soy_ Feeding and Fueling the World

73% of consumers find it important to support domestic agriculture by purchasing food made with U.S. grown ingredients.

U.S. soybean growers are committed to being stewards of the land that they farm. They employ a variety of sustainable practices to reduce their overall land use, soil erosion, energy use and total greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water use efficiency and quality. In line with their commitment to sustainability, U.S. soybean farmers are working towards meeting these goals by 2025:

Reduce land use impact by 10%

Reduce soil erosion by an additional 25%

Increase energy use efficiency by 10% 

Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 10%

U.S. grown high oleic soybeans are sustainably produced.

U.S. soybean growers are collaborating with seed technology companies and oil suppliers to ramp up crop production and accelerate the supply of high oleic soybeans for edible and inedible uses, and for off-shore export.

Growing Availability

In less than a decade, high oleic soybeans will be the fourth-largest grain and oilseed crop in the U.S. and the supply of high oleic soybean oil will exceed all other high oleic offerings combined in North America.

Competitive Cost

High oleic soybean oil is priced competitively with other high-stability alternatives. While there is a premium on high oleic soybean oil, similar to high oleic canola oil and as compared to lower stability commodity oils, it will continue to reduce as volume increases. Transportation costs for high oleic soybean oil are more favorable than imported alternatives and will continue to decrease as domestic availability increases. 

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