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U.S. soy crushers, oil suppliers and food companies are encouraged to tap into the revenue-driving benefits that U.S. grown high oleic soybeans offer. High oleic soybeans’ domestic supply chain and ample growing regions guarantee a stable supply, and increasing consumption by the food industry drives demand.

U.S. soy growers are committed to ramping up crop production and accelerating the supply of high oleic soybeans. In less than a decade, high oleic soybeans will be the fourth-largest grain and oilseed crop in the U.S. and the supply of high oleic soybean oil will exceed all other high oleic offerings combined in North America.

In a survey of food companies
using high oleic soybean oil:


said they prefer it over other edible oils due to its availability


said they prefer it due to the stable pricing


said it is because it is U.S. grown

Reliable Supply

Within the next three years, over 600 million pounds of high oleic soybean oil is expected to be available. This will make soybeans the fourth-largest grain and oilseed crop in the U.S. and ensure that a robust supply is available to meet increasing demand.

Domestic Supply Chain

Keeping all production in the U.S. ensures a shorter supply chain, reduced transportation costs and a lower carbon footprint, making it quicker and more cost-effective to produce high oleic soybean oil. 

Globally Approved 

Approved for Global Use MarkFull global regulatory approval for high oleic soybeans was secured in 2017, providing food companies a greater incentive to adopt high oleic soybean oil and allowing U.S. soybean growers to produce a product desired by the food industry.

Heart Healthy

The FDA authorized the use of a qualified health claim for oils high in oleic acid, including high oleic soybean oil, and their relationship to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease when replacing oils higher in saturated fats. The health claim may motivate consumer packaged good and private label brands to consider reformulating products.

Customer Preference 

Food industry customers will enjoy the cost savings resulting from high oleic soybean oil’s oxidative stability index (OSI) of greater than 25 hours, providing superior resistance to oxidization and reduced build-up of polymers on equipment in high-heat applications.

Food companies are looking for sustainable ingredients as consumers continue to demand local and sustainable options. U.S. grown high oleic soybeans can meet that need; growers employ a variety of sustainable practices to reduce overall land use, soil erosion, energy use and total greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water use efficiency and quality.

Hear from food companies on their experience using U.S. grown high oleic soybean oil